Parents of Actors

Owner Laurie Morella, CPC, CBC

"Actor Training In LA"
is proud to Teach & Equip Acting Parents
with the TOOLS they need
for their youth/teen to become 

"The Best of The Best"


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"17 Topics You Need To Know If YOUR CHILD Wants To Be In Show Business"

Laurie specializes in helping

Parents/Guardians learn about:

  • What LA is All About

  • What is Expected of my young actor

  • What it costs to support an actor

  • What is costs to live in LA

  • Should I move to LA

  • Agents

  • Managers

  • Private Coaches

  • Acting Classes

  • Casting Directors

  • Directors

  • Producers

  • The state of California laws

  • Their child's behavioral traits and are they prepared to handle the actor life

  • Plus many many more topics...

  • And most importantly how to teach their young actor how to succeed in Life!

Before 2017, ATLA Owner Laurie Morella, had a studio in North Hollywood and she brought the LA teachers in to teach the youth and teens.

Since 2017, Laurie has ventured onto getting her Professional Coaching and Behavioral Coaching Certifications so she may prepare parents and actors of what the life of an actor entails and how a young actor can flourish in this industry called SHOW BUSINESS.

Laurie networks with Top Industry Casting Directors, Casting Associates, Casting Assistants, Directors, Agents, Managers, Acting Coaches and Life Coaches so you and your talent can have access to the valuable knowledge and trade secrets that they possess!

Laurie's background as an acting mom

and also as an owner of an acting talent

training service in Hollywood.


When My daughter, Tabitha Morella, wanted to become an aspiring actor at the young age of 15.  She and I took a trip to Los Angeles for a week of investigating in March of 2008; which ended up being a full time stay and turning into a full life adventure for 9+ years.


Due to Tabitha's auditions, and needing to keep my travel schedule flexible to be able to visit my husband and older son on the East Coast, I had to work a job that would enable me to be flexible enough to take her to her auditions anytime and any day; and to be able to run my business anywhere and anyplace, and that is when I started to learn about the business of SHOW BUSINESS! 


Our LA adventure led me to opening my worldly renowned LA Acting School called Actor Training In LA.  The school was a talent training service where youth and teens would come to train from all over the US and Internationally.


Before I opened my LA Acting School, I took a certified professional coaching class to become a professional life coach; so I would better understand people and to be able to help my parents and my young actors when they walked into my studio.


My coaching training at that time was with the highly renowned Fowler Wainwright International.  


Being a Certified Professional Coach was very significant in helping all those that came through my studio doors; and not just my clients, but my teachers, agents and managers as well.


Some major changes happened in 2017; my daughter, Tabitha ,(who by the way did very well in her acting career) CLICK HER to check out Tabitha's Professional IMDB, decided to go into Ministry School, so I closed my studio in LA so I could be with my wonderful Husband full time on the east coast.


Now I am teaching and helping parents across the US and Internationally, who have acting kids, or have kids who want to get into acting, learn what acting is all about.  

Welcome to my Acting Family!  Let's get started!!

Being an owner of an acting school and contributing to the success of many young actors, either through guiding their parents or by guiding young adult actors directly, I do not agent, manage, commission, procure, or attempt to procure work for actors.

In keeping with California state codes, Laurie Morella Enterprises, Laurie Morella, and Actor Training In LA conducts entirely optional consultations, workshops, and online classes with solely educational intent.


Join My Mailing List & Get My Free Brochure

"17 Topics You Need To Know If YOUR CHILD Wants To Be In Show Business"

Laurie Morella Enterprises, Laurie Morella, Actor Training in LA, is a Talent Training Service as defined by the California State Law, our classes, workshops, events, camps, showcases etc. are not an audition for employment or for obtaining a talent agent or talent management."

Pertaining to our Casting Directors, Associates or Assistants who may teach for us; we must post this statement per the California State Law: “This workshop is a learning experience. It is not an audition or employment opportunity. When the workshop is over, the casting director/casting associate/casting director (whichever is applicable) teaching this workshop will not be taking home nor be given access to your headshot, resume or any other of your promotional materials”

Laurie Morella Enterprises, Laurie Morella, Actor Training in LA, is Licensed with the State of South Carolina and has the required California State Bond required for a Talent Training Service.

These consultations, workshops, or online courses are not job interviews or auditions, and they are neither a promise nor a guarantee of employment or auditions. Consultations, workshops, and online courses are not auditions for employment or for obtaining a talent agency or manager. CA Labor code 1703.1 (b)

My CA State Child Performers Permit info is:  CPS-LR-1000453100


The CD/CA who participates in paid workshops is strongly encouraged to also participate in workshops that do not charge actors a fee. Contact the CSA, SAG., AFTRA and the SAG Foundation offices for more details.  CLICK HERE FOR THE SAG WEBSITE ON FREE CD/CA CLASSES


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