Hi!  I'm assuming you are here to contact me or my staff about something important.

Any personal emails for me, I will review, for your comments are important to me, but keep in mind I get a lot of emails so I will read them but most likely will not respond.  If it is a mention of something that you want me to address online in a blog, podcast or video or one of my courses or on social media I will sincerely look into each request; but keep in mind me or my staff maybe already addressing the suggestion/s via our own agenda and planning. (Please refer to my TERMS policies before submitting anything to me/us).

If you want to become an affiliate, collaborate, or do a joint venture with me use this form and be as detailed as you can be.

If you would like me to speak at an event, lecture a group/team at your company or do a mastermind please use the contact form below to put in your request.

My staff will handle any concerns you may have concerning any privacy or policy concerns; again please be as detailed as possible so we direct it to the correct department.

To those clients who are acting parents or actors any issues you need addressed please use this as a means to address those here too.

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