Meet Laurie


My life motto:  Be The Best Of The Best, and GET IT DONE! 

My motivational quote:  SHIFT To EXPLODE!!

One thing I learned from my mother was if you dedicated ​​yourself to your work and worked a hard 8 hour day you would become a PRO in that field.  My mom was telling me this as I loved the game of golf and I wanted to be on the boys golf team in high school...and yes I made it and I was the 1st girl on the boys golf team   (back in those days that was quite an accomplishment!)

My mom would continue to tell me about working diligently in anything I would do in order to be a success in that field...and I kept her advise close to my heart....AND well I actually took it beyond her words for I normally put in 10 to 12 hour business days.

My family is #1 and the most important to me.  But I also love to work & I love to succeed in everything I do.

My life has not always been easy; during my 20's my mother got cancer when I was 24; I cared for her for 3 years; and it was hard being newly married, working full time and then becoming a new mom.  My son, Kevin, literally learned to craw in her hospital room.

After my mom passed in 1991 the next summer I ended up in the hospital for 54 days with a troubled pregnancy.  After I delivered my daughter, Tabitha, by C-Section, I almost died too; the doctors telling my husband I only had about 4 hours to determine if I was going to live or not; as I was on a ventilator and was given over 7 1/2 pints of blood; meanwhile having a daughter in ICU too.  Thankfully through the grace of God and a long process we all recovered. 

In my early 30's, my father's heart condition got worse so I cared for him for several years and he passed away when I was 33.  Again, I found myself dealing with major life issues, working full time and raising 2 young children.  Through it all I must thank my God above, and my lovely husband who has been my support system and strength.

Throughout my life, I have had 8 surgeries, most due to my last pregnancy and 2 car accidents. I did have situational depression on and off mainly when my mother passed, when my dad passed, and when I had to close my acting school.  But through all my many life trials I make it a determination to pull through and to keep on charging forward.

Career wise, I started out as an Informational Technology Professional and worked in the industry for over 20+ years; working for fortune 500 companies analyzing, designing and implementing their technology systems.

I worked for great companies such as VeriSign, Gulfstream Areospace, UsAir, US Steel, ALCOA, General Motors, EDS and Mellon Bank (now known as the Bank of New York)

Then when My daughter, Tabitha Morella, wanted to become an aspiring actor at the young age of 15.  She and I took a trip to Los Angeles for a week of investigating in March of 2008; which ended up being a full time stay and turning into a full life adventure for 9+ years.

Due to Tabitha's auditions, and needing to keep my travel schedule flexible to be able to visit my husband and older son on the East Coast, I had to work a job that would enable me to be flexible enough to take her to her auditions anytime and any day; and to be able to run my business anywhere and anyplace, and that is when I started to learn about the business of SHOW BUSINESS! 

Our LA adventure led me to opening my worldly renowned LA Acting School called Actor Training In LA The school was a talent training service where youth and teens would come to train from all over the US and Internationally.

Before I opened my LA Acting School, I took a certified professional coaching class to become a professional life coach; so I would better understand people and to be able to help my parents and my young actors when they walked into my studio.

My coaching training at that time was with the highly renowned Fowler Wainwright International.  Being a Certified Professional Coach was very significant in helping all those that came through my studio doors; and not just my clients, but my teachers, agents and managers as well.

Some major changes happened in 2017; my daughter, (who by the way did very well in her acting career) click here to check out her IMDB decided to go into Ministry School, so I closed my LA Acting School so I could be with my wonderful Husband full time, and spend more time with my older son, (yes he makes a mother proud too...he has a very successful online e-commerce business) but guess what?... I needed to change my career again.

This time I continued with my love for Real Estate and also got involved in a Network Marketing Company; and low and behold; that is when I heard about the wonderful leader and coach John C. Maxwell and his coaching team....and that is when I decided with all my life adventures and experiences I wanted to help others meet their life goals and teach them how to go after their dreams and to stay strong; even though life can throw us curve balls and disappointments.

Well the rest is know me I have to LEARN from THE BEST OF THE BEST, to become the BEST OF THE BEST,  if I stand by my motto, correct?

So here are all my certifications:

**  Certified Professional Coach/Speaker with John Maxwell & Team

**  DISC Certified Behavior Trainer  with John Maxwell & Team

** Certified Behavioral Consultant with PeopleKeys/Institute for Motivational Living Inc.

**  Certified Professional Coach with Fowler Wainwright International

**  Member of the International Association of Coaching

** Licensed Real Estate Agent in SC, VA and NV.

One of my new phrases is SHIFT To EXPLODE; because we need to constantly shift our ways and learn new things if we want to continue to help ourselves and others, and live life to fullest.

I am continuously learning and shifting so that I may be more educated and knowledgeable to help myself and others.

Through my life experiences, my love for people, my constant professional training, my self-help training, and my life ventures, I want to share my life and what I have learned to help people, YOU, get inspired to lead and live a life worth living.




Well that is me in a nutshell; I hope you take this journey with me.  Let's get started!


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