KUDOS - Testimonials

My friends and family always tell me I am a CHAMELEON in everything I do. 
I learn my environment, I learn what I need to do, and I DO IT!
Here are special words from some the special people in my life:
From bosses, to co-workers, to clients, to friends, and to family.
As you will see they walk all walks of life.

"Laurie, is an amazing leader and coach with a passion to help others. She values people and has made a huge impact on my business. I highly recommend Laurie, she has the ability to take your life and business to the next level."

James Darren Ritch
CEO, JDR Leadership Solutions - Crystal River, FL

"Laurie cares. She’s a people person. No matter what she’s involved in, she always goes that extra mile. I taught workshops at Laurie’s acting school in L.A. She’s positive, gracious, caring, professional and honest! Always there for whoever needs her! "

Harriet Greenspan
Casting Director / Author- Los Angeles, CA

"I have proudly known Laurie Morella for 13+ years. In this time she was impressive in her professionalism and integrity. We were introduced on a personal and professional level. We first met as Laurie as a great parent helping her talented daughter Tabitha as an actor. She was able to get a top tier agent and solid working acting career with some nice stand out roles. Throughout this process Laurie remained even more grounded as a mom and a pro. We were also fortunate to work together creatively @ her acting school. There she demonstrated that same detail. She is someone I truly respect / admire and feel confidently that she will always do what she can to help others and be a solid professional."

Chadwick Struck
Producer / Casting Director - Los Angeles CA

"Laurie is very personable, likable, outgoing and friendly. We have worked together for many years, and some of that time she reported to me. She was always there when I needed her. Always willing to help out in anyway possible. She is a great employee and friend."

Tim T. Tompkins
Previous Manager at Verisign Inc, - Statesville, NC

"I know Laurie as a friend. When I have troubles and I need someone to talk to. I can count on her to see things in a different way. I never expect her to drop everything for me. All I do is just talk to her and I am refreshed. She has a natural gift and can handle any stress thrown her way. We have been friends for close to 30 years. Laurie has been successful with every endeavor she partakes."

Rose Balint
Client, Friend, St. Helena Island, SC

"Laurie Morella opened our eyes to a new market that we had not considered before. She was informative, helpful, and thorough in her process and willingness to introduce us to a new market which now works very well for us!"

Stacey Leahy
Client/Parent- Actor Training In LA, - Los Angeles, CA

"Laurie a previous fellow Keller Williams Realty REALTOR®. She has many years of experience and takes care of her clients the way they should be taken care of with each transaction. Her knowledge of lake and luxury properties is impressive. I've sent my clients to her because she is so thorough and knowledgeable with the intricacies of the properties. She is a positive person with a great heart as well. I'm happy to know her."

Beth Powell
REALTOR® - Roanoke, VA

"I had the pleasure of working with Laurie for 5+ years when she ran Actor Training in LA as well as for many years prior to that when she worked with Actorsite. I've always found her to be extremely professional, helpful and personable and truly enjoyed our time working together."

Reagan Wallace Mendez
Talent Agent at Coast to Coast Talent Group, - Los Angeles, CA

"Laurie Morella is a people person. We hired her to sell our lake home and, due to her staging and hard work, we had it sold in record time. Always cheerful and friendly, Laurie makes people feel comfortable immediately."

Donna Dixon
Client Seller, Private Runaway Bay Community, - Lynch Station, VA

"Laurie Morella is a great inspiration and mentor to all the kids, teens and young adults that passed through her door when she had her acting school in Los Angeles. I met her way before that, and we were instant friends. She brings so much to the table personally and professionally, Everyone, including me, is impressed with the results she creates. I am so lucky to know her, and my heart is happy knowing that all who pass through her door in the future will feel the same way."

Craig Campobasso
Craig Campobasso, Casting Director, CSA, writer and Producer

"I have known Laurie for over 30+ years. She is the kindest, sweetest, caring and such a go-getter. Nothing lazy about her. She has helped her kids with their dreams without hesitation. Moved all over the country to do whatever it takes without a complaint. She has been to many places without hesitation to help people. When you want something, SHE GOES FOR IT!!!! GEEZ I could go on and on!"

Lori Vessella
Friend - Phoenix, AZ

"Laurie has been a lifetime friend and advisor. My husband and I have counseled with her regarding some of our retirement questions and we have found her advice invaluable. Since we have moved to our lake home, Laurie has helped us to understand the relationship between the hydroelectric power company and about personal property. She has become for us our lake property consultant. We highly recommend her services."

Anita Dragan
Client, Property Owner, - Lynch Station, VA

"I have known Laurie for over twenty years, her background in IT as a developer, analyst and project manager has given her the foundation to take on any new adventure with major success. She is very goal driven and is great with people. The clients we worked with always loved interacting with Laurie because of her positive "can do" attitude."

Irene Douglas
Previous Manager USAirway, - Pittsburgh, PA

"It is so important in every a aspect of life to have a mentor, a friend or coworker that you can look to for advise, options and guidance. When we decided to move my 10 year old daughter to LA to pursue her acting career, Laurie went above & beyond to help us achieve the best experience. From where to live, what classes to take, schooling, and even just how to deal with auditions, headshots, people, friends & navigating LA, Laurie went above & beyond getting us settled. Even after 5 years, she’s the first person I call when I need LA advice! Thanks for all you do Laurie!-- "

Tricia Boots Beatrice
Client/Acting- Parent Actor Training In LA- New Brighton, PA

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